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code of conduct

The ACSG Code of Conduct lays out a model standard of behaviour and engagement expected of our members. All ACSG members are required to adhere to this code of conduct. Violation of the terms of this code of conduct will result in a review of membership of ACSG including, written warning, suspension or termination of membership. This code of conduct covers all ACSG meetings, networking events, social media platforms, online platforms and any other forum associated with the ACSG brand.

1.  All ACSG platforms exist primarily for the following functions:

    • To inform, notify, alert or request information in respect of a potential or ongoing security or crisis event.
    • To discuss, share and provide responses, actions, mitigation or impact related to potential or ongoing security or crisis events.
    • To discuss and share debate industry best practices and standards.
    • To carry out benchmarking in relation to security issues.

2.  All ACSG content is shared under the Chatham House rules agreement. For an understanding of Chatham House rules, please refer to this link.

3.  The communication within ACSG must adhere to regular professional standards of conduct befitting the seriousness of the mission entrusted by our organisations to security professionals. This extends to choice of words, intent as well as behaviours.

4.  ACSG members must refrain from remarks that may be construed as targeting any individuals or community specifically and must remain respectful of cultural and social norms across the markets we operate in within the Asia-Pacific region.

5.  Inflammatory content, such as graphic videos, jokes, offensive/illegal/defamatory material may not be shared within any ACSG groups. If you have a question about the appropriateness of content, please consult a committee member directly or email

6.  ACSG Telegram groups will continue to operate in an informal, self-moderating manner. However, should any content be in contravention of the guidelines above, you may be contacted by an ACSG committee member to remediate.

7.  ACSG platforms seek to avoid the following practices:

    • The posting of irrelevant chatter, chatter between limited members, links, forwarded messages, jokes and other unrelated content. Messages, posting or content without any defined intent of conversation.
    • Extended discussion or analysis on past events where a discussion would be more appropriate on the ACSG Treehouse web forum or between individual members in a small group.
    • Any content which may be deemed offensive, illegal or defamatory as per your own organisation’s guidelines.

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