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Remembering Mark Hargraves

On 10 December, 2019, we lost our dear friend and colleague, Mark Hargraves. Mark was a founding member and chairman of the Asia Crisis and Security Group and a doyen of the security industry, who was known for his consummate professionalism, kind heart, good humour and levelheadedness. He was a shining beacon of light who led the security community by example – in skill, manner, behaviour, conduct and kindness – and touched lives across the world through his generosity and his actions. 

As a security professional, Mark was often considered the gold standard in the work that he did. He began his career with the Royal Hong Kong Police, followed by a successful career in corporate security at Pinkerton Asia Ltd., Sun Microsystems, Fidelity, HSBC, Citi and, most recently, the prestigious Hong Kong Jockey Club. His talent and commitment to his work led to early recognition as a leader in his chosen field.

To anyone who met Mark, it was immediately evident that his work and ACSG was a deeply held passion. His commitment to his values and his drive for excellence and professionalisation of the industry meant that he was often looked upon for mentoring – by those looking to grow in their careers, by those transitioning from public sector careers to corporate security as well as young professionals beginning their careers. Despite all his various commitments, Mark was never too busy for anyone. Countless people all over the world have a story about how Mark helped them or made time for them or put his entire might behind giving them a leg up. He was the sort of person who would talk people through their development opportunities and encourage them to find answers within. Even as he grew into this role himself, he always remembered his own mentors and spoke so fondly of them.

He was an active champion for diversity and inclusion within security and oversaw the rollout of several ACSG initiatives, such as the ACSG Scholarship programme, the New Professionals in Corporate Security programme and the ACSG Mentoring programme. ACSG is committed to standing by those values and is committed to delivering on all the programmes envisioned under Mark’s leadership. 

His immeasurable generosity earned him many friends through the years, and they all join us in expressing our sincere condolences to their family in this difficult hour. Mark was a devoted husband and father and so proud of his family. His eyes always shone as he spoke of them and his world revolved around them.

With all his achievements, Mark was known to his friends as someone who made everyone laugh. His hearty laughter, the mischievous twinkle in his eyes and towering persona filled every room he was in. Even though we will never be graced by it again, Mark gave us so much of himself and many memories to cherish.

In this moment of profound loss, as we all struggle to come to terms with it, we are grateful for all he has given us. The security industry and so many people all over the world are better for having known Mark. 

And so, on behalf of the ACSG community, the security industry and the countless lives he touched with his kindness – We miss you Mark. You will always be with us.

You may like to leave a note of remembrance for Mark here.

The ACSG Committee is engaged in discussions around commemorating Mark’s legacy and will reach out to the membership, once we have more information. Thank you all for your support.

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