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Membership Profile:

How long does it take after registering for membership, to becoming a member?

Memberships are normally approved between 7-14 days after registration.

What is a Sponsor?

A sponsor is a current member of ACSG who would be happy to recommend you for membership.  We recommend notifying your sponsor, prior to adding their name to your application.

Why do I need to use my corporate email in my profile?

It is one of our membership conditions that members use a corporate email.  The reason we ask for corporate emails is our commitment to integrity and safeguarding confidentiality of data.  The network is for in-house corporate security professionals and a corporate email is one of the most effective ways to monitor/confirm this.

Do I need to update my profile if I move company or Job role?

Yes, all ACSG members must work in a corporate security role to maintain their membership. If you move role you will need to update your corporate email and new job role to confirm continued eligibility as well as to ensure you receive ACSG communications.

What happens if I leave my current job?

If you are moving to a new corporate security role, you simply need to update your ACSG profile online. If you are between roles, you can retain your ACSG member up to a 3-month period, provided you notify us of the change and provide a personal email address to contact you. Your membership will lapse at the end of the 3-month period, if we do not receive a new corporate email address and updated employment information.

When do I need to change my membership level from New Professional to Regular member?

Once you have worked within corporate security for a period of 3 years you will be required to upgrade your membership to a Regular membership.

Who can apply for Sponsored membership level?

See below for criteria:

    • Applicant meets the requirements for full or associate membership.
    • Financial or other significant criteria prevent organisation sponsorship of membership.
    • Consideration for this category requires a written application to the ACSG Committee setting out a case for consideration and sponsorship under this category.
    • Acceptance under this category is limited and will be assessed by the ACSG Committee on a case-by-case basis

How can I apply for a Sponsored membership?

Acceptance under this category is limited and will be assessed by the ACSG Committee on a case by case basis. It is primarily intended for situations where limited financial resources are the only barrier to membership. Written applications should be submitted to the ACSG Committee setting out a case for consideration and sponsorship under this category.

When does ACSG’s membership year run from and too?

Our Annual membership runs from January 1st – December 31st. Membership fee invoices are sent out in November.

If I apply for membership in August, must I pay for the whole year?

Any new membership applications received between July 1 and October 31, will be charged 50% fees for that calendar year. All renewals will be charged full fees, regardless of when they are paid during the year.

If I apply for membership in November, must I pay for the whole year?

New members applying for ACSG membership from November 1st until December 31st will pay the full annual fee, however this will also include membership for the following year.


Can I use a personal Mobile for ACSG Telegram groups?

You should use the mobile number on your ACSG profile and ensure you have downloaded the Telegram App to your phone first.

Why do you need my telephone number and Telegram username?

This is the easiest way for ACSG to find you when inputting your details onto the Telegram App for initial setup. You can find your username under Telegram settings

Which Telegrams groups can I participate in?

Please refer to the Telegram page on our website to keep up to date on all current available Telegram groups. There are no limitation to the number of groups you can join; requests to be added to additional groups can be done through


Which webinars can I join?

Regular, NPS and Sponsored members receive all webinar invites. Government members receive invites to select sessions, as defined by the ACSG Committee.

Is there a limit to how many webinars I can join?

There is no limit to the number of webinars you can join.

Can a friend join a webinar with me?

All ACSG webinars are strictly for members only, please do not invite non-members to join your call.

Can I share a webinar invitation with a colleague?

All ACSG webinars are strictly for members only, please do not invite others to join your call or take your place on a call.

Are video copies of webinars available to refer to after?

There are no copies or notes available for distribution.


Can I bring a friend / colleague with me to a seminar?

Most ACSG seminars are for members only, we will advise in the invitation if it is open for non-members as well.

Can a colleague take my place at a seminar if I am unable to attend?

Most ACSG Seminars are for members only, non-members may not take the place of a member in their absence at members only seminars.

Could I receive an overview of a seminar if I am unable to attend?

Seminar notes are not available for distribution, there are no recordings.

Job Postings:

Can everyone see ACSG job postings?

ACSG Job posting page is a restricted page, available only to members.

How do I place a job to ACSG website?

If you would like to place a job post on the ACSG job posting page, please do not hesitate to send the job description and contact details to

Can I share job postings from ACSG website?

Members can certainly share application links from company websites at their own discretion, however, links to ACSG website pages will not work for non-members. Please do not share ACSG member information without the consent of the member. This is a violation of ACSG membership rules and could result in suspension or termination of membership.

How long do job postings remain on ACSG website?

All job postings are hosted for 3 months, unless otherwise requested.

How do I apply to a job posting on ACSG website?

All job postings have individual links to apply direct to the company advertising the role, ACSG do not accept any applications on any company’s behalf.


Can I use the directory to contact other members?

Yes, the purpose of the member directory is to network and share knowledge of the industry.

If you have any further questions, please contact us at

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